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About Us

The Style that Fits | Activewear & Sportswear to Keep You Motivated to Workout

Our philosophy at is that a healthy lifestyle revolves around activity. An active lifestyle is not a proprietary of athletes, all of us, regardless of who we are should make this lifestyle change, and we for one are here to empower more and more women undergo this transition.

At, we offer activewear, sportswear and athleisure that is both comfortable and fashionable. If you’re going to do it, might as well do it right! Our products are unique, comfortable, fashionable, high-quality, affordable and responsibly sourced. Whoa! That’s a lot.

We believe that what you wear should make you feel your best self, our silhouettes are so designed to work with and enhance your natural body instead of altering your natural physique, so you can freely exude confidence and positivity. At, among other things, what we encourage is body positivity and inclusivity. Not all of us are athletes with washboard abs and not all of us need to be. We are who we are and that alone should make us proud.

All our activewear, sportswear and athleisure are so comfortable and classy that you’d want to go to your gym, yoga or spin class just to flaunt it! Our vast range of products will help you feel motivated and adopt a more positive attitude towards a healthier and more active lifestyle so that you too can be the best version of yourself. Believe it or not, sometimes working out can make you feel just as good as going out, so why not do it in full swing of fashionable and classy attire.

We love all of you who choose to support us and share our enthusiastic approach towards a healthy lifestyle which is why we have new designs every season and free shipping over orders of $30 or more so that your active lifestyle is always up to date with your style!

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